Could Holga.D succeed as an Open-source camera?

Since posting the Holga.D concept on my website, I have received a huge amount of positive feedback and inquiries about the camera. I want to thank everyone for their support!

Thrilled and happy by the widespread interest in the camera, I thought I’d like to share with you my initial thoughts behind it.

This is going to be a relatively long post, so here is the gist :

I would like to see Holga.D is as an open-source camera platform, co-developed by like minded enthusiasts and professionals from all related fields. At the end of it’s initial development the hardware design (the schematics, bill of materials, PCB layout data etc), as well as the software/firmware source code would be available for anyone to produce, distribute and modify under open-source license.

This kind of open-source product license would open up a lot of new possibilities; for example, manufacturers would be able to produce lightweight and cheap plastic camera as well as more expensive and rugged metal body based on the same design. The manufacturers would also be able to develop simple or complex accessories like lens adapters for current or old lenses from other brands, lenses, viewfinders etc. Likewise, on the software/firmware side, the open source code would also open up new possibilities. continue reading »

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Holga . D

I had been looking for a camera with simple and unobtrusive user experience of analog photography with the convenience and economy of digital. Most digital camera available in the market has so many controls and settings that often we end up spending more time setting the camera up than enjoying actual photography.

I was looking for something really simple. I tried many cameras from all the brands but nothing was what I wanted. So I started developing one myself, which eventually became Holga D.

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Obligatory Designer Clock


It’s clock that does not have any hour and minute hands, instead the hour markings dynamically change to show the time.

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Live cell


Livecell is a self recharging battery that harnesses power from your movement.
It can be used for any device but it’s particularly great for small devices like remote controls, cordless mouse, small clocks, Wiimote etc. When the batteries of these devices run out, you don’t even need to take it out, for example, when the batteries of your TV remote run out, just shake it for few minutes and it it would get enough charge for next few days.

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Website Redesign.

I designed my site in 2004 and last updated it in 2006… it has started to show its age and catching cobweb. I have been procrastinating about the redesign but I guess I have to do it now.
In the beginning I was thing I would modify the current pages but it’s a very old table based code and I think it’s a good idea to build it from scratch. I have to admit I am a bit attached to the sketchbook header and styling but I might drop it entirely and go for a simpler design and layout. Let see…

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Polaroid SX-70 Promotional film from the 1970′s

I came across this promotional film about Polaroid SX-70.

The SX-70 was a folding SLR and the first to use Polaroid’s automatic format integral film, which didn’t need to be separated from its back after being removed from the camera. A later model of the SX-70 line used an autofocus system that used sonar to determine the distance from the lens to the subject. The battery was integrated with the film. So no battery separate battery change was required.

It’s really nice to see such product was developed in the early 70′s. It was surely way ahead of its time!  This film was created by Charles & Ray Eames.

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Johnny Lee’s Wii Remote Hack : Just Incredible!!

Johnny Lee’s Wii Remote hack demonstration has been around on youtube for quite some time. He just demonstrated his concept in TED 2008. I had not seen the 3D viewer demonstration earlier. Both the demonstrations are just amazing! It shows how innovative use of simple things can generate incredible products! Check it out in case you have not seen it yet.

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Finally it’s working! :)

I had to move my site to a Linux based server and now things have started working.

This is blog still under construction. I am working on the layout.
I would put all my old tutorials and files back on this site once I complete it. I have plans to put many more new things here soon.

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