I had been looking for a camera with simple and unobtrusive user experience of analog photography with the convenience and economy of digital. Most digital camera available in the market has so many controls and settings that often we end up spending more time setting the camera up than enjoying actual photography.

I was looking for something really simple. I tried many cameras from all the brands but nothing was what I wanted. So I started developing one myself, which eventually became Holga D.


Holga _D

Last week I compiled a page about Holga D and put it up on my work-in-progress website to try it out online. As the site was not complete and I had shown it to only a handful of friends.

On July 1st I got a mail from Maarten of Minimalissimo that they have published the Holga D concept and it’s spreading fast on Twitter. Then I found one more article on Iainclaridge.net. I thought it would be contained within these niche design related blogs only.

But within next few hours mails started pouring in about Holga D. Within one day it was all over the net! It was on En-gadget, Wired and and many more web sites! Most surprisingly BBC contacted me to feature it on a program!!!

My mailbox got flooded with hundreds of mails. The daily traffic to my website shot up to from around 50 to more than 12000 in just 2 days!!

Although I was not planning make this concept public so early as I was still drafting out a plausible production plan I am really happy and overwhelmed to see it’s resonating with so many people out there! Although I knew a camera like Holga D has potential but I must admit that the response is way beyond what I expected.

I would like to thank Minimalissimo for discovering it, Engadget, Iainclaridge.net, Wired and many more sites for featuring it and all the people on Twitter for spreading the word! :)

Now, most of the question I am getting is if and when Holga D is going to be produced as a real product. Well, I am also as interested as much as you guys to see it as a real product so that I can have one for myself!

It was developed with a desire to make it a real product. Now what’s there on the Holga D page on my site is a small part of what I have detailed out about it. But all that detail could only be useful if it goes to production. All your overwhelming response re-assures that there is a real demand for such camera.

I have some plausible plans for taking it to production that I would publish here on this blog in a few days. I would need your constructive feedback, comments, ideas and support to make it into a real camera.

** To all the people who sent me mails:
Thank you for all your mails and I will respond to all, my apology for the delayed response.

If you have any question Holga D please post it below,
I will response to it as soon as I could.

Holga . D