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Polaroid SX-70 Promotional film from the 1970′s

I came across this promotional film about Polaroid SX-70.

The SX-70 was a folding SLR and the first to use Polaroid’s automatic format integral film, which didn’t need to be separated from its back after being removed from the camera. A later model of the SX-70 line used an autofocus system that used sonar to determine the distance from the lens to the subject. The battery was integrated with the film. So no battery separate battery change was required.

It’s really nice to see such product was developed in the early 70′s. It was surely way ahead of its time!  This film was created by Charles & Ray Eames.

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Finally it’s working! :)

I had to move my site to a Linux based server and now things have started working.

This is blog still under construction. I am working on the layout.
I would put all my old tutorials and files back on this site once I complete it. I have plans to put many more new things here soon.

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