Livecell is a self-recharging battery that gives you freedom from buying new batteries*.

Livecell is a self recharging battery that harnesses power from your movement.
It can be used for any device but it's particularly great for small devices like remote controls, cordless mouse, small clocks, Wiimote etc. When the batteries of these devices run out, you don't even need to take it out, for example, when the batteries of your TV remote run out, just shake it for few minutes and it it would get enough charge for next few days.

For Wiimote it's even better, you never have to remember to charge as you are moving and shaking it all the time anyways! In fact, the Wiimote would generate so much surplus charge that you could temporary in the Willmote put Livecells from other devices to charge them.

*The rechargeable battery inside Livecell does run out after the end of charging cycles but it takes really long time and it's generally more than the lifespan of the common everyday products we use.

**The one shown here is a AA size standerd battery but the Livecell system could be modified to fit into batteries of any shape and size.


The basic idea behind the livecell system is very simple - it has two major components, the charging system, that uses a induction coil and oscillating magnet that converts the kinetic energy to electricity, and the storage system, that contains a rechargeable battery with high energy density (like lithium ion battery).

The charging system is very similar to the magnetic flashlights that need to be shaken for charging.

There are many products out there that works on similar principle but Livecell integrates it into standard batteries that can be used with any existing device without any modifications.


Livecell consists of two parts, the charging unit and the storage unit.

The charging unit contains a neodymium magnet, the induction coil and power management circuit. It is wrapped in a plastic cover with embedded magnetic shield.

The storage unit is a high capacity Li-ion battery that can be replaced by opening the removable bottom cap. The bottom cap is transparent, making the battery info visible without opening up.


One of the best method of charging is carrying a few Livecells while jogging.

For devices, which can’t be shaken or has higher power consumption, like camera, radio, large clock etc this is an effective way of charging. It encourages physical activity for the user and thus enhances fitness.


At the end of the service life of the internal Rechargeable battery (it lasts very long time), only the rechargeable battery could be replaced with a new one from store, without discarding the existing working components.

The four pack battery packaging doubles up as charging accessory. To charge the Livecells , put them in it and attach it on or near your shoe or keep in pocket and go for jogging or walk. It will charge the battery and keep you fit!

Optional charging straps of varied colors and patterns are available to match your jogging outfit.


There are two extra circular connectors surrounding the positive terminal of Livecell.

When used with Livecell-advanced-features compliant devices, it provides additional information about the Livecells, like battery charge amount, battery health, the amount of calorie burned while charging etc.

When used with existing products without the advanced features compatibility it just work as standard cells.