Tube is a compact touch-pad based personal media player together with mobile phone. It's focused towards trendy youngsters, mainly for watching and sharing videos online. Its form has been inspired from the retro TV sets from the last century.

The blend of the vintage from in combination with contemporary color material and finish gives it a unique appeal. It has one directional key in the front panel that works as nav and home button, the rest of the real-estate of the front panel is used for large speakers grills that adds to it’s ‘analog‘ styling.


Although from the front it looks quite retro because of the resemblance with old picture-tube based TV sets, but the slim side profile makes it look contemporary.

The slightly jutting out frame in the front-bottom provides grip for horizontal viewing and also adds to the retro look.


Two 'large' stereo speakers in the front also adds to the retro TV look.

The back cover has soft touch finish, the graduated texture provides grip when the phone is held horizontally.


Although it's a small phone it has comparatively large display for it's size, making it suitable for watching videos.