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Here are the Design Projects I have handled in last few years as an industrial design professional or as an industrial design student. Some of these are real world design projects where as some are done as classroom project at design school.

I need to make some new pages for some of projects I have done recently. I would make and upload those as soon as I manage to get some time.

The copyright of these projects lies with me or their respective owners and sponsors unless otherwise mentioned. 

IR_MRVC I designed the exterior of the new trains for Mumbai (Bombay) sub-urban railways.

Mumbai sub-urban railways carries more than 6.1 million commuters on a daily basis and constitutes more than half of the total daily passenger capacity of the Indian Railways itself. It has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world.

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Offset is a mobile phone focused at young executives.

It was the first prize winning entry for the Kyocera Wireless Design Competition 2006.

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Jo-D_LG I designed a range of mobile phone and accessories for LG electronics which is going to be launched in 2010.

This project was started with a very initial open brief of designing a mobile phone for India which would be launched in 2010. After some extensive user surveys and market analysis the project eventually boiled down to designing a communication device for couples.

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Sabertooth Sabertooth is an angular grinder I designed as part of design project. This new design tries to resolve many ergonomic and usability issues involved with the existing angular grinders.

The form of the new design is inspired from Sabertooth, a prehistoric extinct animal belonged to Cat family having long sword like upper canine teeth.

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Lunchbox Lunchbox Sync is an animation frame grabber capable of recording individual frames or full motion video and audio and playing them back. It is used for animation testing and motion studies by animation professionals, studios, teachers, students, animation schools.

The new design is more advanced version of the existing Lunchbox. It incorporates many new features and functionalities which makes it simple and more pleasurable to use.

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Emoport EMOPORT is a personal emotional vitalizer which helps to overcome the mental stress during menstruation. The name has been derived from emotion-sport.

This might look just like another "cool gadget" but the purpose of it makes it unique and special.

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VIP_AFL In 2004 I went to VIP Luggage, one of the largest luggage manufacturer in the world, and handled two design projects. The first one was called AFL, is in production since 2004-2005 with a production volume of half a million per year.

This project was the first ever "real world" design exposure to me and the first ever product designed by me which went into mass production.

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Wastebin It was a project to make waste collection system for studios of National Institute of Design.

It resulted a new dustbin which addressed the issues involved with the existing waste collection system and incorporated an innovative screw less installation system

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Flo Flow is a funnel I designed as part of a project called “Simple Product Design”. This was my first ever design project.

It resolved many issued related with existing funnels of everyday use.